The Queen | Fans are baying for Thabiso's blood

23 January 2019 - 09:56 By Kyle Zeeman
Fans are ready to cancel Thabiso.
Fans are ready to cancel Thabiso.
Image: Mzansi Magic

Viewers of The Queen were left fuming on Tuesday night when Thabiso acted like nothing was wrong after sexually assaulting Goodness on the show.

Goodness and Thabiso have been through a lot of drama over the last few weeks with Goodness slamming his baby mama and then wanting to leave him.

Fans watched in horror on Monday when things took a very dark turn and Goodness was raped by Thabiso. They were also never ready for him to act all innocent on the next night's episode.

The show has had many evil characters but Thabiso is well up there on the 'men are trash' list. One minute he is a monster, the next he is smiling and trying to impress the world. 

Fans can't wait for Thabiso to be taught a lesson or for him to be 'taken out'.  

One fan even took their request for Thabiso to die to the show's creators Shona and Connie Ferguson.

Others were just fuming and took their frustration to social media where they posted  memes and messages about cancelling Thabiso.