Emtee hits back at Sama nomination criticism: 'You are a h*e!'

18 May 2019 - 10:00 By Kyle Zeeman
Emtee is not here for the criticism.
Emtee is not here for the criticism.
Image: Instagram/ Emtee

It's no secret that if you're going to criticise Emtee you need to be prepared to also take the punches. 

One tweep got that harsh reminder on Thursday when the person rolled on to Emtee's social media to claim the star's latest project, DIY 2, was not deserving of the Sama nomination it received.

DIY 2 is up against AKA's Touch My Blood, Nasty C's Strings and Bling, Jabba's #FGTBB and Kid X's Thank Da King in the Best Hip-Hop Album category.

Dude has been flexing over the accomplishment, reminding everyone that he managed to get love with an EP, while his rivals were putting out albums.

But the mood changed when a follower rolled in, claiming that Saudi's album was better.

"Nah. l don't know how your ish landed there. Maybe in the trap community, yea, but with that being said Saudi's sh*t banged way better to be honest. But it's the same team. So who cares?!"

Emtee, who earlier this week found himself in a war of words with another critic, hit back.

"You a h*e," he wrote in response, tagging the person.

Even Saudi weighed in, telling the user to leave Emtee alone.

"Whose side you on, b*tch? You are not a Saudi fan, you are a Emtee Hater. So get your hating a*s outta bruh's comment."