LISTEN | Mampintsha & Babes Wodumo's first joint interview since THAT viral video

03 July 2019 - 11:45 By CHRIZELDA KEKANA
Babes Wodumo and Mampintsha did their first joint interview since the viral Insta video.
Babes Wodumo and Mampintsha did their first joint interview since the viral Insta video.
Image: via Babes Wodumo Instagram

After maintaining their silence ever since the video of Mampintsha allegedly slapping Babes Wodumo went viral a few months ago, the pair have finally poured out their hearts in their first joint interview.

In an exclusive with Ukhozi FM's Lady D, Mampintsha and Babes spoke about their new music and how they are "better" than they've ever been as a team. The duo, who now call themselves Bonnie and Clyde, were promoting their new music.

They were all giggles and chose not to go into what had happened between them or what is currently happening as far as a "romantic relationship" goes.

"We are very grateful for the love we get. It's very clear that people love us. I mean, when things happen and they hear that we are involved, everything stops," Babes said.

Mampintsha added: "We are grateful for the understanding and I just wanna say to them, without saying too much, let us watch our behaviours and treat these women like the valuable people they are."

The alleged lovers, who both opened cases of assault against each other following the viral video, have since "reconciled" and released music together, despite many disapproving fans, friends and family members.

Mampintsha admitted that his new music wasn't getting the "usual" overflow of love, so he came up with a strategy to curb it.

"I sang a lot about Durban, so now I wanted to accumulate Joburg people, because we are South African artists, not Durban's. My new song is about Joburg. I've figured out that I'm not being played a lot these places, so I decided to make my music more inclusive, because I'm clever. I want to see if that won't make a difference, because I feel like I'm closed out," Mampintsha said.

Babes agreed, saying, "Yeah, it's enough now, forgive him already".

Listen to the full interview below: