Penny Lebyane on prejudice: I had closed up and needed to find my voice again

03 August 2019 - 12:00 By Kyle Zeeman
Penny Lebyane has opened up about finding her voice again.
Penny Lebyane has opened up about finding her voice again.
Image: Instagram/Penny Lebyane

After years of trying to keep her opinions to herself in order to fit in, Penny Lebyane has opened up about finally finding her voice and showing the world her true self.

The outspoken star told True Love that she made a conscious effort to suppress her truth but sometimes couldn't bring herself to overlook certain things.

She said that her time as host on's Sunrise helped build her confidence and get over the opinions of others.

"I had to get over my own fear of the opinions people held about me. I had closed up, so I had to learn to trust my voice again and not think 'If I speak my mind this person's going to reject me and I won't get the job.'"

The star recently opened up on social media about the challenges of the entertainment industry and said she would not keep quiet or try to impress people anymore.

"I’ve buried too many people to keep quiet and, personally, I spent ten days in a psychiatric ward because of the entertainment industry BS, especially #BlackRadio to suck my thumb [and] bury my head. I’m not a beauty queen, and I don’t have to impress you, or a wife or influencer. I am a broadcaster for social impact," Penny wrote on Twitter

She added that she accepted herself when she was "marginalised" and rejected.

“It’s my life, my journey, my walk, my work, my truth. I don’t need your approval of me. I accepted myself when you believed the lies about me, when I was marginalised. I mastered to stand alone. When I was rejected, I loved me”.