Jessica Nkosi goes on a block fest after being cyberbullied

'I swear, I only tweet just so someone can say something so I can block block block!'

02 October 2019 - 12:00 By Masego Seemela
Jessica Nkosi is on a block fest!
Jessica Nkosi is on a block fest!
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Watch out! Actress Jessica Nkosi is on a block fest and if you don't behave, you'll be the next person she blocks.

Jessica has been going through the most recently and expressed that she was enjoying blocking accounts who give her hate for just tweeting.

Jessica has been facing backlash since she opened up on social media last month about her private life and claimed that she had split from her baby daddy.  

Just two weeks ago fans again took jabs at her for a video of her singing lyrics to Stefflon Don and French Montana, Hurtin' Me about moving on from an ex.

Her private life again hit the trend list this week when she tweeted on Tuesday that she was living her best life and said God was blessing her.

Tweeps were touched by the tweet, with some telling her to be mourn her relationship while others dragged her for being childish.

Soon Jessica was being dragged left, right and centre. She felt the hate was uncalled for and decided to block some users.

While she was busy on her block fest, she accidentally deleted her tweet.

She then returned to Twitter to explain herself.

“I really enjoy blocking accounts. I swear I only tweet just so someone can say something so I can block block block,” she wrote in her tweet.

She then blocked a couple more people, just for control.

Since coming out with issues regarding her personal life, Jessica has been seen slaying the gram with gorgeous looks and was also out and about supporting her peers in their achievements.

Here are some of the looks that Jessica has been serving since reportedly separating from her baby daddy.

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