Zodwa on that R1.6m endorsement deal and the impact of coronavirus on gigs

18 March 2020 - 07:00 By Chrizelda Kekana
Zodwa Wabantu says she understood the importance of having Plan B even more after Covid-19 hit.
Zodwa Wabantu says she understood the importance of having Plan B even more after Covid-19 hit.
Image: Instagram/ Zodwa Wabantu

Socialite Zodwa Wabantu got fans buzzing with excitement when she teased about securing a deal worth R1.6-million, but has since decided to keep details around it under wraps as she would be in breach of contract.  

Refusing to either confirm nor deny the legitimacy of the endorsement deal, or the reports that subsequently followed, Zodwa told TshisaLIVE  it was excitement that made her "run her mouth", but she won't be talking about the deal until it is ripe.

"No, eish. I'm sorry, I can't talk about it anymore, at least not right now. I was warned not to. I will lose the deal if I continue talking. I have to wait until the proper procedures are followed," she said, promising to share details as soon as she's able to.

The socialite told TshisaLIVE how the coronavirus outbreak has affected her pocket as an entertainer.

She said the outbreak made her further understand the importance of having diversified and multiple streams of income. It was something, she said, she was blessed to have figured out early in her career.

"Coronavirus has cost us as people, especially in the entertainment industry. Some, actually most of the bookings are cancelled, and we can't blame the promoters or event organisers. Everyone is trying to do what they can to help stop the virus from spreading, and they can't be blamed for that. Others simply don't know how to handle it, so they're just shutting their doors. The sponsors are pulling out. We are all affected.

"But for me, having a Plan B has helped keep me calm. I realised during this time just how important it is and how much I saved myself and my family by not just relying on dancing at clubs. Now  I can use this time to relax and spend quality time with my son while we stay indoors and away from the threat."