DJ Warras on 'anti-child grant' tweet backlash: I won’t be silenced by nameless, faceless people

The DJ still stands by what he said...

23 April 2020 - 12:00 By CHRIZELDA KEKANA
DJ Warras isn't impressed with Mzansi's government or its grants.
DJ Warras isn't impressed with Mzansi's government or its grants.
Image: Gallo Images / Frennie Shivambu

DJ Warras has issued an apology for “offending” people with his anti social grant tweets,  however, he needs Mzansi to know that he has a right to his opinion. 

This after the radio personality was lambasted on social media, after he questioned the child grant system, claiming that “people should not be incentivised to have children they can't afford”.

His tweets were in response to President Cyril Ramaphosa's announcement of an increase in the amount given to those collecting child grants. Current recipients will get an additional R300 in May, jumping to R500 extra from June to October, to help deal with the economic fallout from Covid-19.

Taking to Twitter after the major backlash, Warras issued a lengthy statement. He started off by making it clear that he didn't mean to offend people with his tweets. 

My tweet wasn’t meant to offend but to add my voice to a critical discussion - which is my right. The cost of living is high, families are all under pressure, we are all hoping for better social outcomes from the social plans we implement and pay for,” he said.

However, from that point on, Warras didn't hold anything back as he made it known that he had a right to an opinion and would share it no matter how unpopular it was.

I appreciate that I could’ve articulated my point better as much as I appreciate that to voice one’s opinion as a citizen and taxpayer, is to also risk offence. I do not agree that this disqualifies me from having an opinion.”

While many have slammed the DJ for his comments, many others have since shown support for his views on the matter.

The DJ admitted that he could have articulated his point better, but made it known that he stood by his words and isn't afraid of Twitter or anybody else.

Another thing. Ang’sabi muntu Mina. Not in real life and definitely not on Twitter. As "..." said - I won’t be silenced by nameless, faceless people who hide behind the anonymity of Twitter and say things they wouldn’t dream of saying to ur face. They can go to hell!” he warned.

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