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Inside the Prince Kaybee vs DJ Black Coffee twar!

29 May 2020 - 09:26 By Chrizelda Kekana
What was apparently meant to be an innocent question from DJ Black Coffee sparked major beef with Prince Kaybee.
What was apparently meant to be an innocent question from DJ Black Coffee sparked major beef with Prince Kaybee.
Image: Instagram/Prince Kaybee and Instagram/Black Coffee

Since lockdown began, even the smallest sparks ignite huge fires on the TL, and tweeps had to bring out fire extinguishers as things went from zero to 100 real quick between DJ Black Coffee and Prince Kaybee.

Fans are yet to figure out what Prince Kaybee's motive was when he posted a very cryptic tweet about "local celebrities". However, they are sure he wasn't ready to have Black Coffee pose a question to him in turn.

"The problem is that celebrities fall for the same trap all the time, 'the urge to sound wise'. You watch a few YouTube videos, you (sic) wanna sound intelligent. Carry on, you will meet your maker," he tweeted.

While no clear connection can be made, tweeps quickly linked the tweet to be a sub towards Euphonik.

Just a few hours earlier, the good Prince had a fiery exchange of words with Euphonik over sharing industry advice with upcoming artists.

Tweeps thought Euphonik would come rushing in for part two of the mini twar, but the DJ didn't show up. Ironically, Euphonik was already embroiled in another twar with at weep over his property knowledge.

Then jiki jiki, DJ Black Coffee unexpectedly entered the ring when he asked Kaybee if he thought he was a celebrity. Tweeps tagged that particular tweet as shade, and that's when all hell broke loose. Absolutely nothing was cute from that point on. 

Prince Kaybee responded to Coffee's tweet, saying he didn't care much about labels, particularly from the industry, because he knows he's an artist and creator.

"I see myself more as a servant of the people. If people wish to call me a celebrity or celebrate me it’s a blessing. I’m an artist and creator first. I don’t care much about the definitions of the industry because I know who and what I am". 

That would have probably ended the fire, except Black Coffee replied with a mere "OK".

Then Coffee went on to throw some of those Bonang-style sub-tweet jabs. You know, those two or three word phrases with an emoji at the end.

In the first one, Coffee tweeted "The double standards", and in a now deleted tweet, he tweeted "House ni****s", which Euphonik took a break from his own twar to retweet with laughing emojis.

Of course Kaybee caught feels. It was hard not to, and tweeps soon found out that the Charlotte hitmaker had been harbouring some feels towards Coffee for a while. Since the Metro FM music awards in 2017, to be exact.

Read the rest of the twar thread below.