Prince Kaybee hits back: 'To say alcohol made me is reaching'

03 June 2020 - 12:30 By Chrizelda Kekana
Prince Kaybee shared some "unwelcome" advice on social media.
Prince Kaybee shared some "unwelcome" advice on social media.
Image: Instagram/Prince Kaybee

Prince Kaybee has come out to slam suggestions that he can't be anti-alcohol because the entertainment industry, in which he works, apparently thrives on people consuming alcoholic beverages.

This after the DJ came under fire after he called on fans to save their money and not buy alcohol. Kaybee was then told by tweeps to keep his thoughts to himself because “alcohol made him”. A sentiment he wasn't about to let slide.

Kaybee reiterated his right to be vocal about prioritising human lives over profits and condemned people who equated his success solely to the alcohol economy.

I’m fully aware of my benefit from the alcohol economy as a DJ, but to say 'alcohol made me' is a reach. I have a right to be concerned about the safety of people that support my music. You can replace profits lost from not selling alcohol but human lives cannot be replaced,” he said.

Prince has been in and out of Twitter wars in the past few weeks with everyone from industry peers to random tweeps over everything and anything including industry knowledge, wisdom, masters and alcohol.

One of his followers pointed out that Kaybee was the industry's “enemy number one” because he was finally his most authentic version. Prince wasn't too opposed to that idea, in fact he went on to add that he had no issue with offending people with his opinions as long as he fully stood behind his view.

I’m one to say things people are scared of saying, judge me for it no problem but there’s no prime issue that can be discussed and everyone agrees, that's why I’m glad to engage because I’m bold enough and welcome offended people.”

Read his full thread below: