WATCH | Simz Ngema on starting her own business & struggles during Covid-19

19 June 2020 - 06:00 By Masego Seemela
Actress Simz Ngema gets candid about starting her own business.
Actress Simz Ngema gets candid about starting her own business.
Image: Instagram/Simz Ngema

Actress Simz Ngema has not only gone into music but has also started her own clothing line, Eternal Crush.

Noted for being multifaceted, Simz spoke out on Instagram this week on what inspired her to start her own business.

“I have a clothing brand that I have been working on it's called Eternal Crush, and what inspired me to start the line is my love for fashion and seeking financial stability in my life.”

Simz went on to explain that believing in your business helps motivate others to invest in it.

“I believe as a person you need to invest in yourself before you ask other people to invest in you. You need to believe in your dream so much that you're able to take it to another level.

“But I do understand that there are people who don't have the funds at all so, don't be afraid to knock on doors. Go to people you think will be possible investors and just talk to them.” 

Simz explained that the worst thing a person could receive is a “no”, so there was nothing to fear when it came to asking for funding for your business.  

Speaking on what she faced when starting her own business, Simz explained there were always going to be challenges, not being afraid to ask for help was important and giving up was not an option.

With the pandemic affecting many businesses, Simz explained what she had to do to stay afloat.

“We had a Chinese supplier which means we couldn't get the merchandise into the country because of the pandemic, so we had to find a local supplier who'd help us to continue the selling of the clothes.”