IN MEMES | 'The River' fans can't believe Tumi is ‘divorced, widowed & engaged’

What a tricky situation!

18 November 2020 - 18:00 By chrizelda kekana
Tumi is living a very complicated life in 'The River'.
Tumi is living a very complicated life in 'The River'.
Image: Twitter/The River

In one of the most unlikely scenarios on earth, The River's Tumi finds herself in a very tricky situation in which she is not only a divorcee and widow, but also a fiancée, and fans of the telenovela can't deal.

As a result of astonishingly bad decisions, Tumi has already been married twice to different men, cheated and eventually divorced her latest husband, who then died before the divorce process was done, automatically making her widow.

She then got engaged to the man with whom she cheated on her dead husband, making her his fiancée.

This obviously unusual situation has been a lot for viewers to take in, and every time they are subjected to a scene with Tumi in it, they begin to question the extraordinary unfolding of events in her life.

Especially when they watch her mourn the man she cheated on and now reject the man she cheated with, who she had promised to marry just a few weeks ago.

Check out their reactions in memes to the whole Tumi saga below: