IN MEMES | ‘Izangoma Zodumo’ fans left shook by how Khanyile blue-ticked Maweni’s drama

03 December 2020 - 18:00
Reality TV star Khanyile is a firm fave on Twitter.
Reality TV star Khanyile is a firm fave on Twitter.
Image: Instagram/Khanyile

Izangoma Zodumo's Khanyile scored himself brownie points on Twitter after the controversial reality show's latest episode showed his chilled side that many didn't expect.

In one of the most dramatic episodes of Izangoma Zodumo, Gogo Maweni showed the TL her “ratchet” side when she confronted Baba Ngwe's initiate, Aunty, for apparently having called her “a Kim Kardashian know-it-all”.

Instead of the street cred Maweni may have assumed she would get when she pulled her “phuma silwe” stunt, tweeps attacked her for being “unnecessarily dramatic”. Her aggressive behaviour further highlighted the fact that Baba Ngwe was calm and perhaps even more reasonable than her.

Watching the confrontation go down was entertaining for tweeps but more than the fight, fans couldn't believe how the usually “tjatjarag” Khanyile was ignoring the mess and minding his own spaza shop.

Khanyile is usually the life of the party and the spice of the show, but when Gogo Maweni and Baba Ngwe went for each other, he simply checked out and looked the other way.

Tweeps were shook and in disbelief, and they had just the right memes for the episode: