IN MEMES | Tweeps agree nobody does a wedding better than ‘The River’

#ZolaniandEmmaWedding may be the TV wedding of the year, and it’s only February!

05 February 2021 - 15:00 By chrizelda kekana
Zolani (Lawrence Maleka) and Emma (Lunathi Mampofu) finally tied the knot on 'The River'.
Zolani (Lawrence Maleka) and Emma (Lunathi Mampofu) finally tied the knot on 'The River'.
Image: Twitter/Bonga Percy Vilakazi

The River's Zolani and Emma finally made it down the aisle and their wedding was one of the most beautiful TV moments for fans that they literally can’t stop tweeting about it!

Everybody who has watched the 1 Magic popular telenovela knows they go all out when they do weddings, and last night's wedding  reminded tweeps that “nobody does a wedding like The River”.

It wasn't just the fact that the dramatic and emotional storyline had reached a climax fans have been waiting for. The episode was also super impressive for how they pulled off the execution of the whole thing. Not only did the cast come through with the emotions  — Zolani's vows had tweeps weeping — but make-up and wardrobe also did the things because the cast also looked amazing in designer dresses and suits.

The production pulled out a typical high-end wedding that was definitely “Top Billing worthy” for the TL.

The wedding was shot on location at a lodge in Limpopo and even the cast of Muvhango honoured the invite. It was truly a star-studded event and fans were convinced no budget was spared for the wedding extravaganza.

Viewers, actors and industry commentators had nothing but praise for the cast and crew who pulled up their very best for the season finale

Here are some of the reactions from the TL: