JENNIFER PLATT | August getting you down? Then hide inside a three, head for ...

There are a number of books come out that are sure to get you through this iffy month

JENNIFER PLATT | You might not want to steam your vagina, but face yoga might ...

Forget everything mom said about a funny face being frozen if the clock strikes

JENNIFER PLATT | Do you train with your whole bookshelf? It’ll make you a ...

An article headline about a study that found teens who read printed books scored higher in a reading test has elicited fun responses

JENNIFER PLATT | Fancy a few thrills and a bit of royal skandaal this holiday?

From short stories, politics and thrillers to musings about princesses, here’s some reading matter to consider

JENNIFER PLATT | Some serial material to keep you up at night

If you are fascinated with serial killers, you might want to get your teeth into these novels, but do it in the daytime

Crime, quantum, steampunk, cyberpunk ... so many genres, so little time

They may not be Booker candidates and they contain no real surprises, but that’s the beauty of genre novels

It’s Halloween, so hit the couch and home in on horror

The annual celebration might be all hollow this year, but these skrikkerig tales should make up for a lack of treats

Prominent public figures fear 'cancel culture' is killing freedom of speech

Say the right thing when you speak now, or forever hold your peace: that’s one view of a new front in the 'cancel culture' wars

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