WATCH | School principal beats matric boys with a pipe

22 August 2017 - 14:08 By Tremaine Van Aardt

Kwamagxaki High School principal Mwezi Qomfo apologised profusely on Monday after being shown the cellphone recording‚ made by another pupil‚ of him whacking three boys several times on their hands with a thin plastic pipe.

The 60-year-old‚ who has been the principal since 1998‚ said it was not common practice to use corporal punishment on the pupils.

But he had been frustrated by the failure of the boys in the video to attend the school’s winter holiday school programme‚ leading to his actions.

In the 42-second video taken between July 24 and 31‚ Qomfo is seen pointing the plastic pipe at one boy and calling him to the front of the class‚ where he is made to extend his right hand and given seven whacks.

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