'You want war? You'll get war‚' Cele tells criminals

09 March 2018 - 13:34 By Timeslive
Bheki Cele. File photo
Bheki Cele. File photo
Image: Esa Alexander

Police minister Bheki Cele warned criminals hell-bent on terrorising innocent communities that they would be defeated.

Speaking at the SAPS academy in Tshwane on Friday‚ where a parade was held to welcome him as police minister‚ he said that the police were not at war with the people of South Africa.

But those who declared war on society could expect consequences‚ he cautioned.

“Whoever declares war against us‚ against innocent communities‚ against women‚ against children‚ against the elderly … you want war? You’ll get war.

“You want peace? You’ll get peace. And if you decide to engage in the war with us I can assure there will be one side that will survive and that side is us‚” he said‚ wearing one of his trademark fedora hats.

Cele‚ sending a sharp message to criminals‚ added that police would not be sharing any space with criminals. “This space belongs to the safe community of South Africa. This space belongs to the women of South Africa and children that cannot be terrorised‚ assaulted and have fear of walking on the streets of South Africa.

“I am sending the message to say we are not here to share this space with criminals … Don’t come on our path. Don’t think you can see a light at (the end of) the tunnel. That light might be a train for you‚” he warned.