Kessie Nair to remain behind bars

09 October 2018 - 16:26 By Jeff Wicks
Magistrate Ncumisa Gcolotela will deliver her judgment on Kessie Nair on October 17 2018
Magistrate Ncumisa Gcolotela will deliver her judgment on Kessie Nair on October 17 2018
Image: Supplied

Convicted fraudster and racist-rant accused Kessie Nair will remain behind bars with judgment on his bail bid reserved on Tuesday.

Nair had been applying for bail in the Verulam Magistrate’s Court after his arrest last month.

Nair - who served six years in prison for corruption and claims to have once been a member of the notorious 26s prison gang - has been charged with seven counts of crimen injuria and two counts of incitement for his widely circulated racist rant on video and in social media posts.

In the video he called for President Cyril Ramaphosa to be charged for “defrauding this nation‚ for oppressing this nation‚ for high treason‚ for being the source [of] all crime and violence and poor healthcare and poverty in this so-called true democracy”.

On Tuesday an affidavit penned by Nair was read into the record in which he denounced his criminal prosecution‚ insisting it was a waste of time and the charge against him so banal that it was equivalent to urinating in public.

He also took a swipe at investigating officer Ajith Lutchman‚ calling him a “sangoma psychiatrist”.

“He‚ Lutchman‚ is a police officer who is claiming to be a psychiatrist as he claims I am a danger to myself as well as my family. This sangoma psychiatrist must indicate to the court what mental condition I suffer from as there are over 450 conditions which fall under ‘mental illness’‚” he said.

He went on‚ saying that his prosecution was just an endeavour to please President Cyril Ramaphosa and by so doing‚ the police and the prosecutor in the matter were furthering their careers.

Last week the court heard that he had ostensibly been cast out by his family who testified in support of the state.

His brother said that the 60-year-old was not welcome in his home‚ and was also estranged from his wife and children who live in Johannesburg. His sanity was also called to question‚ with his family also supporting a state application to send him for a mental evaluation at Fort Napier Hospital in Pietermaritzburg.

Magistrate Ncumisa Gcolotela will deliver her judgment on October 17.

A racist video posted by convicted Durban fraudster and former councillor Kessie Nair has gone viral. In the video Nair calls President Cyril Ramaphosa the k-word.