Racist Kessie Nair denied bail

17 October 2018 - 13:39 By Jeff Wicks
Kessie Nair. File photo
Kessie Nair. File photo

An unrepentant Kessie Nair – charged with a raft of crimen injuria charges after calling President Cyril Ramaphosa the k-word – will remain behind bars.

Magistrate Ncumisa Gcolotela‚ in delivering her ruling‚ scathingly rebuked Nair‚ accusing him of using the dock as a soapbox from which to further defame a long list of people.

“He attacked the characters of so many people in his affidavit; he insulted the investigating officer‚ who he referred to as being insane‚ a lunatic and a sangoma. He refers to the senior prosecutor as being corrupt and he attacked the integrity of the senior magistrate and so many others‚” she said.

“He used this platform to continue where he left off when he published defamatory remarks by using the journalists who were present‚” Gcolotela added.

The convicted fraudster and former local councillor posted a video of himself on Facebook in which he made racial slurs aimed at Ramaphosa.

He faces charges of crimen injuria and incitement to commit violence after the Hawks took over the probe.

“He [Nair] alleges that all he did was make a political statement. It would appear he does not understand the seriousness of the charges he faces‚ especially in the political environment of today‚” she said.

“He trivialises the offence of calling the president the k-word. I am concerned that the accused does not appreciate the magnitude of the words he has uttered and that he does not appear remorseful.”

She added that any reference to another person as the k-word is “not only an insult to the individual but an insult to all peace-loving South Africans who have gone through the painful past of apartheid”.

Nair‚ the nephew of late struggle stalwart Billy Nair‚ has received widespread condemnation from various quarters‚ including the provincial ANC‚ community and religious organisations‚ as well as the presidency.

He will appear in court again on October 24.