WATCH | 'We don't want to make him a martyr': slain taxi driver's brother speaks out

29 August 2019 - 18:05 By Emile Bosch

Taxi driver Jabulani Baloyi was killed while accosting an alleged drug dealer in Pretoria on Tuesday.

The streets of the capital are littered with drug abuse, a problem often witnessed by the city's taxi drivers. 

Pretoria's taxi drivers took to the streets in protest following Baloyi's death.

On Wednesday the city experienced widespread looting and destruction of property. The protesters targeted foreign-owned stores, as they believe they shopkeepers are guilty of bringing the drugs in. 

Baloyi's brother Junior Nkathane described him as an honest, family-orientated man and his loss as a massive blow to the family. 

The immediate aggression has since calmed down but residents are still filled with anger and the streets remain tense.