White capital, Rupert and domestic violence – highlights from EFF's birthday celebration

29 July 2019 - 11:40 By Unathi Nkanjeni
EFF leader Julius Malema and EFF secretary general Godrich Gardee. File photo.
EFF leader Julius Malema and EFF secretary general Godrich Gardee. File photo.

The EFF celebrated its 6th birthday on Saturday with the people of Mpumalanga at Kanyamazane stadium.

Party leader Julius Malema used the opportunity to throw a few jabs at public enterprises minister Pravin Gordhan, deputy president David Mabuza and businessman Johann Rupert.

Here are five highlights from Malema's address:

Gordhan, be gone

While boasting about how his party had successfully campaigned for the removal of several other politicians, Malema said that Gordhan would be next.

"They said the EFF would be done after Zuma was gone but we are still standing. Zuma is gone, Pravin will go. The same way we said Trollip will go, he is gone. The same way we said Gigaba will go, he is gone. The same way we said Nene will go, he is gone.

"Jamandas [Gordhan's second name], while you are enjoying your curry at home, you must know that the EFF has pronounced on you. We are only scared of God, we are not even scared of death. How can we be scared of Pravin?"

"Illiterate" leader

He also took a dig at Mabuza, saying that he specialises in "smoking" everything he comes across.

"We are in a province where people are killed for tenders and no one is arrested. It is in this province where there is no single successful court case against a politician and yet Mpumalanga is the most corrupt province.

"The people of Mpumalanga have said to us they are making us official opposition because you love education. We are tired of illiterate leaders like DD Mabuza who specialise in smoking everything they come across."

Father of the president

Malema said he would be launching a campaign targeting one of South Africa's richest people, Johann Rupert, saying that he controls President Cyril Ramaphosa and some of his MPs.

"The municipality is unable to close him down because they are scared of him because Rupert is the father of their president and all their leaders. Rupert controls Trevor Manuel, Jamandas and Tito Mboweni. He says if we don’t stop, he will leave. I’m calling on all South Africans, let us speed up the departure of Rupert.

"He must never be allowed to infiltrate the EFF. Leaders of the EFF cannot be cosy with white capital. You can’t even share a glass of water with the enemy because the enemy can never be trusted."

Ramaphosa being "used by white capital"

He said Ramaphosa was not aware that he was being used by white capital against his "own".

"Black people you must unite, these people do not love us. They will never see themselves [as] a black African. They are defending you Cyril because you allow WMC (white monopoly capital) to use you to lull the black people.

"Like you Cyril, you are not aware that you are used by white capital against your own. You are in trouble because you listen to white advice. They have surrounded you with white people so that you can reject your own."

Condemning domestic violence

He said the EFF was going to tackle gender-based violence and that crimes against women and children must end.

"I have a big problem with you South Africans, your hatred for women is a problem for me. These crimes against our beautiful African women must come to an end. Why do you declare women against women? Why do you hate women?"

"Fighters, you must say right now, here today, enough is enough. The red flag is for those who fight against inequality, those who fight against injustices."

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