LISTEN | 'You can't imagine the heartbreak' - from public rejection to living the dream

'I did hard labour,' Anele Zondo says as she discusses the challenges that have ultimately resulted in her television success. Zondo discusses public scrutiny, the power of the mind and #OpenUpTheIndustry!

12 July 2018 - 07:00 By KHANYANI LUHLONGWANE
Anele Zondo.
Anele Zondo.

“#OpenUpTheIndustry!” A topic that we always find ourselves conversing about, Thetha Nathi talks to Anele 'Ney The Bae'  Zondo, 24,  and she shares with us her stories, experiences with breaking into the industry.

We want to be acknowledged, we want to shine bright under the skies, it is frustrating to feel like your dreams are not being acknowledged hence we always vent out about how “they” should #OpenUpTheIndustry, The Bae tells us about how visualising and wanting your dreams to be a reality is important.

“If you in a bad mental space, bad things will happen, if you in a good mental space good things will happen. If you speak life into everything you do, it will come to life,” says the presenter/actress to us about the power of the mind.