Launch: Dress as Social Relations by Vibeke Viestad (February 19)

Join author and archaeologist Vibeke Viestad and Wits archaeologist Amanda Esterhuysen for the launch of Dress as Social Relations: An Interpretation of Bushman Dress at the Origins Centre

11 February 2019 - 11:15

“I feel it is important to explore other ways of thinking about the body, the world and social relationships.

This might appear naive, but we need research that proves that there are and have been very different ways of understanding the world.

Such knowledge can give us greater understanding of each other." - Vibeke Maria Viestad

It is said that “clothes maketh the man”. It is therefore a paradox that researchers have not shown more interest in the dress of the San hunter-gatherers, historically among the most studied groups of people in the world. 

Author Vibeke Maria Viestad, from the University of Oslo, believes this is so because of a prevailing myth about “the nearly naked bushman.” 


Date: Tuesday, February 19 (6 PM for 6:30 PM)

Venue: Wits Origins Centre, Wits University, c/o Yale Road & Enoch Sontonga Avenue 

(Parking at the Origins Centre, enter from Yale Road)