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Start saving! 5 upcoming video games you've gotta get your hands on

14 July 2017 - 01:47 By Sylvia McKeown
'Far Cry' is one of the best games for release this year.
'Far Cry' is one of the best games for release this year.
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We're chomping at the bit for the Xbox One X and eagerly await the joys that only Rockstar games can bring with the Red Dead Redemption sequel.

But thanks to game previews at the recent Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) that's not all we're excited about.

Here are five of the biggest upcoming game releases to look forward to:

[WARNING! Some of the content in the following game trailers may not be appropriate for children.]

1) FAR CRY 5

27 Feb 2018 - XBox, Playstation, PC

Welcome to Fall's End in Hope County, where you will battle a fanatical, religious cult in the backwaters of the American South. 

Far Cry has made a name for itself in chaotic open worlds that are as disturbing as they are fun to play and this one looks like it's no exception.

WATCH the trailer for Far Cry 5


2018 - Playstation (exclusive)

Set in the future with an older Peter Parker, this game luckily has the same great sense of humour and, most importantly, the fantastic web-spitting gadgets found in the latest 'Homecoming' movie.

From stopping helicopters in midair to every web-spitting trick in the book, Sony allows the player to make the best of Spidey's ability with jaw-dropping results.

WATCH the trailer for Marvel Spider-Man


27 Oct 2017 - Nintendo Switch (exclusive)

Everybody's favourite plumber is back, ready to once again save Princess Peach from marrying the big, bad Bowser. This sandbox adventure is packed full of kingdoms, each with it's own surprises, creatures and outfits for Mario to wear.

WATCH the trailer for Super Mario Odyssey


2018 - Playstation (exclusive)

The sexy blue-eyed doctor from Grey's Anatomy Jesse Williams and actress Valorie Curry are renegade androids in the future, sparking an uprising against humans. This noir thriller looks complex yet beautiful and like its predecessors Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls, Detroit will take consequence-driven games to another level.

WATCH the trailer for Detroit: Become Human


6 September 2017 - XBox, Playstation, PC

Although this franchise had a rocky start, it would go on to deliver greatness with its download content.

Destiny 2 promises to give us so much story that the developers hope we can't complain. If that's true then we'll have everything we want from a game already packed full of sexy, slick graphics, shiny swords and tricked-out mech suits.

WATCH the trailer for Destiny 2'

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