#ValentinesWithNobody? Don't be bummed - try one of these ideas instead

Who says February 14 has to suck if you're single. Here's how to make the most of it

14 February 2020 - 13:44 By nomvelo masango
If you are not in a relationship, make Valentine's Day the time to be single and loving it.
If you are not in a relationship, make Valentine's Day the time to be single and loving it.
Image: 123RF/Roman Samborskyi

Thanks to all those lovey-dovey posts flooding social media, being single on Valentine’s Day can be seem like the worst thing ever. But here’s the thing: not having a partner on V Day is only a bummer if you let it be.

So instead of getting jealous, frustrated, blaming yourself that you don’t have someone to cuddle (it’s them, not you), or visualising a future in which you live alone with 13 cats, try one of these suggestions:


As an act of self-love, buy yourself something you've wanted for the longest time. Be it a new cellphone or that pair of shoes you can’t stop thinking about, now's the time to make use of the money you would've otherwise spent on a fancy romantic dinner or imported chocolates.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to spend on yourself with no guilt whatsoever.


Spending February 14 singing at the top of your lungs with your single friends is a guaranteed good time, as is as playing games together. Best of all, there won’t be any  pesky couples around to use their "insider knowledge" of each other to win 30 Seconds by giving clues like, ‘that thing you gave your mom for Christmas that she hated’.

As an added bonus, these activities will keep you off social media and away from all angst-inducing posts.


Let’s be honest, it makes perfect sense to take advantage of all the "me time" you're getting by spending Valentine's Day solo and pampering yourself silly.

If you can, book a last-minute spa appointment.

If you can't, luxuriate in a long bubble bath when you get home from work, then pop on every mask you own — face, hair, décolletage — and read that book you’ve been meaning to read but haven’t had time to enjoy.