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An island with lots of shops: Tumi Voster on her ideal vaycay

The 5FM presenter shares tales of her most memorable trips and handy travel tips

05 November 2017 - 00:00 By REA KHOABANE
Durban was Tumi Voster's first holiday destination.
Durban was Tumi Voster's first holiday destination.
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How often do you travel?

As often as I can, depending on my schedule.

What is the first holiday you can remember as a child?

Durban was our annual destination as a family. I don't know how many times I went there as a little girl.

And your first trip abroad?

My first trip abroad was for my 21st birthday. My mom took me to China and we visited Hong Kong and Guangzhou.

The best way to travel while abroad?

I usually enjoy planning my itinerary in advance. I research the destination and this gives me a good idea of how to plan my days once I am there. It also makes it easy to get around.

Your favourite city, here and abroad?

Definitely Cape Town and Paris.

Do you prefer roughing it or luxury when travelling?

I prefer luxury. I travelled to Dubai a few years ago and, as you can imagine, Dubai is super luxurious. I went on a desert safari and attended a yacht party. I had breakfast at the Armani hotel, all while attending fashion week in Dubai. It was definitely one of the most memorable travel experiences I have ever had.

Longtail boats ferry tourists around Koh Hong island bay in Thailand's Andaman Sea.
Longtail boats ferry tourists around Koh Hong island bay in Thailand's Andaman Sea.
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What's the most difficult, remote or adventurous destination you've been to?

My recent trip to Thailand was quite an adventurous experience. It took us almost 17 hours to get there. But it was all worth it - Koh Hong island is incredibly beautiful and there is so much to explore. The island boat trips are a real treat and the people are warm and friendly. 

What has been your worst travel experience?

I booked into a hotel in Cape Town for the December period last year. The hotel was being refurbished throughout the year and was supposed to be ready to reopen for the festive period.

But the renovations took much longer than expected so we were allocated a different hotel. It wasn't a place that I wanted to spend my holiday.

Needless to say it was a mess, especially because it was peak season and impossible to find a more suitable hotel.

What is the oddest thing you've experienced while travelling?

I wouldn't call this an odd experience, but it is fascinating to me to see how people have so much interest and love for South Africa. Once you mention that you are from South Africa, people are instantly interested to hear more.

What is your best piece of travel advice?

Be open-minded when travelling. Be willing to learn about different cultures and people. One of my favourite ways of travelling is to have a travel buddy with me. Being able to share the experience and memories with someone makes it that much better.

What do you dislike about travelling or going on holiday?

I sometimes don't enjoy the long hours, especially with international travel. It can get exhausting. I always feel like I need a few days of rest at home before I can go back to regular programming.

What elements make up your perfect holiday - is it the destination, people or attractions?

Give me an island and I am happy girl. I love being in my bikini and relaxing on the beach. But I'm also a shopaholic, so give me an amazing shopping experience with the best boutiques and stores in the world and that will definitely complete my experience. And you also want to be surrounded by friendly people and good food.

In a nutshell - the beach, a great shopping experience, good food and friendly locals.

Name some places you'd really like to visit, now or one day?

Italy and France are definitely next on my list. Let's see what 2018 has in store. But Milan, Paris, Venice and Rome I'm also coming for you!

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