WATCH | Mother hyena protects her cubs from attack by wild dogs

12 March 2019 - 13:18 By TimesLIVE

When it comes to their offspring, mothers have been known to do anything to protect them.

It was no different with the mother hyena in the video above when a pack of 17 wild dogs approach the mother and her cubs, attempting to attack them.

Sightseer Clinton Delport captured the scene while driving near the Kruger National Park's Phalaborwa gate. 

The hyenas and the wild dogs faced off as the wild dogs began harassing the mother hyena with her cubs. The mother hyena, being a mother, did not hesitate to protect her young and stood her ground against the pack.

One of her young cubs fearlessly stood by her, not intimidated by the attackers.

After a short while, the wild dogs lose their interest in the hyenas and walk away.

The hyenas are left a little shaken by their encounter, as they keep interacting with and comforting each other.