WATCH | Adorable sighting of a baby elephant stuck on cliff getting a helping hand

02 September 2021 - 07:00

The TL was deep in their feels this week after footage was posted of an elephant using her trunk to help lift a calf up the side of a riverbank. 

In the video, shared by Latest Sightings, the herd can be seen climbing a cliff after drinking water along the Majale River in Botswana.

Once done, they turned and set off up a cliff,  but one little elephant needed a lift. 

The adorable and rare sighting was captured by 62-year-old wildlife filmmaker Kim Wolhuter while driving along the river in the Mashatu Game Reserve.

“I was passing when I saw an elephant about to make her way up the riverbank. I stopped to watch as I always marvel at the agility of these huge beasts,” said Wolhuter. 

“Two elephants climbed the bank and moved on. Then the rest of the family followed, led by a cow. She was going up but then her calf got stuck on the steep ledge. The calf was battling away, and at first, the mother wasn’t aware of what was going on. The matriarch, coming from behind, gently pushed and nudged the little one up the steep ledge and on its way again.”

Wolhuter said the elephant's mom only later realised what was happening and was coming to the rescue, but her little one had already been helped.