IN MEMES | OPW couple's complicated maths steal the show

09 April 2018 - 10:33 By Chrizelda Kekana
Mildred and Eric tied the knot on OPW.
Mildred and Eric tied the knot on OPW.
Image: Via Twitter/Mzansi Magic

Wedding after wedding, Twitter always finds something interesting to zoom into and make a mockery out of and last night it was the OPW couple's maths skills that had viewers in a frenzy.

Mildred and Eric’s love story began way back in 1979 and they revealed that they were actually childhood sweethearts and almost three decades later were tying the knot.

Twitter couldn't fault their wedding as they looked great and their decor was perfect. However, they were left confused by the dates and numbers that the couple used to explain how long they had been together. Somehow the numbers didn't add up.

For example, the groom explained that he was in primary school when his wife was in high school but he's 47-years-old and she's 46.

Even Twitter's mathematicians were lost:

Twitter also didn't seem too happy that the bridal couple had to put on their church badges with the wedding attire.