Mariechan's industry woes: I fell pregnant & it was shunned upon

Mariechan said when she fell pregnant, she was allegedly told she would 'tarnish' Jamali's image as she wasn't a role model anymore.

05 September 2018 - 06:00 By Chrizelda Kekana
Songstress Mariechan has been the most as a woman in the industry.
Songstress Mariechan has been the most as a woman in the industry.
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While she's only recently decided to launch her solo career, Mariechan has been in the industry for over a decade and has experienced her fair share of setbacks, which include being isolated when she fell pregnant with her first born. 

Now a wiser woman and a more mature artist, Mariechan told TshisaLIVE that part of living out her fullest potential as an artist meant she had to take lessons from the harsh times she's endured in the industry.

She reflected on how when she fell pregnant people suddenly felt she would tarnish Jamali's image. 

"I had to develop my confidence over time, it happened with time. Before, it was really hard... I became a mom, I fell pregnant and it was really shunned upon. I was 23 years old and we were busy with our second album. The label didn't see me as a role model any longer. I was painted as this 'certain type of person' who just didn't belong there anymore."

Mariechan explained that it didn't help that she was afraid that she would go through motherhood as a single parent. She emphasised that she's now a stronger woman and artist after her experiences. 

Looking back the songstress said being a young mom helped her rebuild her confidence. 

"It wasn't any help that I had to be strong for myself and my baby. But that is where my life really took a turn for me. The lot of the changes started there, I learnt to peel off the layers of insecurity and all the other things that were projected on me to taint my confidence and my identity. As I stepped into the motherhood shoes, I knew I had to be woman that I've always set out to be."

Now with confidence on a 100, Mariechan is not letting anything hold her back in her quest to etch her name in the music wall of fame. She's planning to use her journey as a woman, as a mother and most importantly as an artist to introduce the real Mariechan to the world.

"I'm re-introducing myself and taking people through my journey, moods and experiences as a woman, as well as, a female solo artist.

"I feel like I am now letting people into quite a vulnerable side of myself that people never got a chance to see because when you are part of a group, you know, packaged for the group. When you are part of a group in this industry, you're built for the group that means being told, 'this is what you’ll look like and this is what you'll sound like'. Basically a lot of things are scheduled for you for the sake of the group," she told TshisaLIVE previously.

Mariechan said she's hoping her EP, Cherry Blossom will be available in November.