Bassie shares special childhood memories in an extract from her book

23 August 2019 - 07:00 By Masego Seemela
Basetsana Kumalo has detailed her life experiences in a book due to be released in October.
Basetsana Kumalo has detailed her life experiences in a book due to be released in October.
Image: Gallo Images/Oupa Bopape

While anticipation grows ahead of the release of Basetsana Kumalo's memoir, Bassie: My Journey of Hope, she's given fans a hint of what to expect.

In an Instagram post, Bassie revisited a time when she was five years old as she reflected on the happier memories of her childhood. 

“Like I did on this picture, I still smile when I remember the special times we had on Christmas Day. Our parents bought us new clothes, new shoes, new socks, yonke into (everything), brand new stuff from head to toe!” 

She added that in the picture she was the same age as her daughter Bontle ba Morena, who's five years old.

“We spent that Christmas at my uncle’s place in Daveyton. He was a preacher, Reverend Sebotsa, who had a church called Uniting Reformed Church. I have such a fond memory of that Christmas Day with my cousins and siblings.”

She reflected on that specific Christmas Eve when there was a hive of activity, as they baked scones and queen cakes in the neighbourhood, as they also prepared ginger beer and jelly that was placed under the sideboard for it to set by the following day.

“On Christmas Day, it would be church first with your new swag and then the feast. The neighbourhood photographer would be invited to come and take snaps of the family. You would be told to say 'cheese', that was supposed to mean 'smile'.  You would visit neighbours’ homes and be fed again and again, or be given sweets ... Oh happy days ... Loved my childhood! Such fond memories.”

Bassie: My Journey of Hope is set for release in October and will tell the story of her rise to fame as a fresh-faced Miss SA in 1994 in the newly democratic country and her journey to becoming a media mogul.

“Writing the book has been the most intense, yet cathartic, liberating and healing journey of my life”, she expressed.