Zenokuhle Maseko's super excited for Mzansi to see her shine on 'The Estate'

22 February 2021 - 07:00
Actress Zenokuhle Maseko plays Sindi in 'The Estate'.
Actress Zenokuhle Maseko plays Sindi in 'The Estate'.
Image: Instagram/Zenokuhle Maseko

Having made a great first impression as Mbali in The River, young actress Zenokuhle Maseko has joined the cast of the much anticipated SABC3 star-studded telenovela The Estate, where she hopes to cement her place as an actress in the industry.

Zenokuhle is one of the budding stars that have marked themselves as the “ones to look out for” through their performances in recent years and speaking to TshisaLIVE, the actress shared her feels about her journey so far.

“It has become easier to some extent, compared to my very first role ... I don't think I am up to par but I can now say that at least I have some experience. For example, my confidence and my insecurities from when I started in the industry is the difference, because I am constantly learning with every set I go into.”

The actress expressed her gratitude for the mentorship that she receives from the veterans, such as the legendary Sindi Dlathu and Clementine Mosimane.

“I am also lucky in that I have found people who are willing to teach me. Like on The River, uMam' Sindi would mentor me and teach me and now on The Estate I have helpful notes from people I work with such as Clementine (Mosimane) that help me get better at the craft. I am super grateful for that.”

Excited for fans to see her bring a new character to life, Zenokuhle plays Sindi Phakathwayo in the upcoming telenovela. She described the young woman as the “the most permanent role” she's ever had and said she looked forward to growing with the character as Mzansi gets to know her.

“Sindi is a very innocent, bright young girl. She's young but she's quite mature for her age and she's dating someone older than her. Her family is quite modern and they had her when they were still young, so they are young parents. She gels very well and adapts to wherever she finds herself, she speaks Zulu and English and is going to be a joy to watch.

“She comes from a rich family but she's very rooted. She's not a typical rich kid,” she said.

The actress said she was most excited that the story was diverse and it will have something for everyone. Check out the trailer for The Estate below:

While Zenokuhle is relatively new in the industry, she made a great first impression on Mzansi as Mbali in The River.

Fans of The River went through the most at the end of the emotional and thrilling season 2 last year, when the final episode saw the end of the road for Lindiwe's daughter, Mbali.

Her last scenes will go down in history as some of the best Mzansi has seen and amplified the other actors' talent. Fans have been singing Zenokuhle's praises since then and she did not disappoint when she bagged a role on Netflix's Diamond City.

Now her gang of fans waits in anticipation to see her shine as Sindi in the upcoming SABC3 telenovela.