Jeffrey Archer returns to HarperCollins in major three book deal

HarperCollins announced a major three book deal for World English Rights with internationally bestselling author Jeffrey Archer.

Doctor Joan heeded the call of the wild

Dr Joan Louwrens has always been drawn to wild places, which are balm to her soul.

Extract from 'Miracle Men' to celebrate a year since SA won the Rugby World Cup

Sportswriter Lloyd Burnard takes the reader on the thrilling journey of a Springbok team that went from no-hopers to world champions.

Webinar: 'Manage Your Money Like a Grownup' by Sam Beckbessinger (Saturday)

Join bestselling author Sam Beckbessinger as she teaches your children the money basics.

LISTEN | Chiwetel Ejiofor reads an extract from Susanna Clarke's 'Piranesi'

Piranesi lives in the House. Perhaps he always has.

Ballen's surreal quasi-person creeps around hidden aspects of human existence

In oppressively sharp black-and-white shots, he follows the life of a creature whose body appears human, but who has the head of a rat

EXTRACT | 'The Rhino Conspiracy' by Peter Hain

Has Mandela’s "rainbow nation" been irretrievably betrayed by political corruption and cronyism? Can the country’s ancient rhino herd be saved from ...

Head of Zeus pays tribute to Terry Goodkind

It is with a very heavy heart that Head of Zeus pays tribute to bestselling author Terry Goodkind, after he passed away at the age of 72 on September ...

Johann van Loggerenberg's 'Cop Under Cover' lays bare truth behind agent RS536

Johann van Loggerenberg's latest title lays bare the truth behind deep-cover police agent RS536.

Anton Harber digs deep to probe state of SA journalism in capture era

Veteran journalist Anton Harber brings all his investigative skills to bear on his own profession, the media. For two years he conducted interviews ...