Maritime lawyer details SA's greatest ever sea rescue in 'Against All Odds'

Recording the time as 12.05am and date as 4 August, musician Moss Hills added calmly: “So I guess we’re going down”.

'I had to pick something someone would kill for': Yrsa Sigurðardóttir on 'The ...

'Try to get everything else right and then you can get away with elaborate murders'

On the front lines in fight for rhinos

What would drive a man to “smuggle” rhino horn back into Africa at great risk to himself?

Fiction Friday | 'The Last Hunt' by Deon Meyer

‘So these two guys, the two phantoms, knew they had a dead body in a compartment and they were scheming how to get rid of it for six hours,’ said ...

Joburg launch: 'The Last Hunt' by Deon Meyer (November 14)

Join Meyer for the launch of the sixth instalment in the Benny Griessel-series.

A collection of thought-provoking & moving essays on Robert Sobukwe

Commissioned and edited by his biographer and friend, Benjamin Pogrund, this collection contains contributions by Barney Pityana, Adam Habib, Bobby ...

CT launch: 'The Last Hunt' by Deon Meyer (November 12)

Meyer is launching the sixth book in the Benny Griessel series, in the company of John Maytham

'Siya Kolisi: Against All Odds' giveaway

Hier kom die Bok-ography! One lucky reader can win a copy of Jeremy Daniel's biography on Siya Kolisi

Publisher calls for fiction manuscript submissions

Jonathan Ball Publishers will be open for fiction submissions, of all genres, for two weeks

'Blessed by Bosasa' is a riveting look at rampant pillage & grandiose greed

Award-winning journalist Basson unveils the shady, cult-like underbelly of the criminal company that held the Zuma government in the palm of its hand