Joburg is broke, Herman Mashaba must go: ANC

02 August 2019 - 13:45 By ZINGISA MVUMVU
The ANC filed a motion of no confidence in Johannesburg mayor Herman Mashaba on Friday.
The ANC filed a motion of no confidence in Johannesburg mayor Herman Mashaba on Friday.
Image: Sunday Times

The ANC Johannesburg region has announced plans to dethrone mayor Herman Mashaba by August 22.

At a press conference in the Johannesburg city centre on Friday, the ANC claimed the city was "broke", thanks to "mismanagement" and "maladministration" by Mashaba.

It said the council only had R2bn in its bank account, all of which did not belong to the city.

Of this, charged ANC Johannesburg regional secretary Dada Morero, R950m was owed by the city to residents, while R1.4bn was taken from the "sinking fund" and R200m was due to unspent grants.

"When you add these up you can see that the city is broke and it is all because of Mashaba and the DA," said Morero.

ANC Johannesburg regional chair Jeff Makhubo said the only way to save the city from going bust was to remove Mashaba via a motion of no confidence, which the ANC filed on Friday.

According to the party, residents of Johannesburg had lost confidence in the DA and this could be demonstrated by reduced support for the party, from 38% in 2016 to 29% in the May general elections.

The ANC's support in Johannesburg rose from 44% in the 2016 local government elections to 49% in this year's general elections.

Makhubo and Morero said the ANC was confident that now was the time to wrestle power from the DA and form its own coalition.

"This is an ANC motion and what the EFF does is not our concern at the moment. What we are concerned about is our motion and the reasons thereof. We have our 122 councillors and, of course, there are a number of other parties we have been working with, and those are people we are confident will vote with us," said Makhubo.

"In the interest of people of the City of Johannesburg, we believe that the leadership of Herman Mashaba is negative.

"Are we confident? Yes. We are confident that (other parties) are going to see our reason because they know the numbers and, therefore, we are confident that this time the motion will pass," he added.

The ANCY said another reason it believed Mashaba should be voted out was because City Power was operating on a R2,8bn overdraft.

The party charged that the billing crisis in the city had led to a R2.5bn loss from revenue collections.

Also, the city, in the financial year under review, had racked up irregular expenditure to the tune of R2.7bn.

The ANC said there was rampant corruption under Mashaba, including, it believed, "the illegal awarding of the three fleet contracts to the tune of R3.9bn, without following supply-chain processes".

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