Lived experiences and discussions that promote the rights of Cape Town's LGBTQI community

19 September 2019 - 11:21

Beyond the Mountain: Queer Life in “Africa’s Gay Capital”  takes you to the streets, to the sea and, perhaps surprisingly, to church.

Queer bodies do not sell the city; they shape it, as they always have, intersecting it with relations of power and refusal, transactional existence, (in)visibility, creative subcultural modes of survival, overtly antagonistic to the continued spatial sanitisation of the city as a cisgender white gay tourist destination.

Beyond the Mountain contributes to the body of knowledge on the plight of LGBTQI communities in Cape Town.

It is a collection that historically, metaphorically and physically spans the city of Cape Town, promoting the rights and protection of the community.

The chapters are narratives of lived experiences and academic discussions from novice and experienced scholars on the themes of education, emancipation, protection, acceptance and the integration of LGBTQI people in society.