#BirdBox memes parents will find a hoot

Netflix's newest postapocalyptic thriller has spawned thousands of memes on social media - but only the parents of small children and teens will truly appreciate these ones

02 January 2019 - 14:22 By Staff reporter
Sandra Bullock as Malorie in the Netflix film 'Bird Box'.
Sandra Bullock as Malorie in the Netflix film 'Bird Box'.
Image: Netflix/YouTube

WARNING! This article contains light spoilers for 'Bird Box'.

Netflix's hit thriller Bird Box sees reluctant mother Malorie (Sandra Bullock) guide two small children to safety while navigating the perils of a postapocalyptic world. 

What's more the entire family has to make the journey blindfolded, as just seeing what's around them will result in their certain death.

The trailer for 'Bird Box'.

Most parents will identify with Malorie's anxiety over raising children in uncertain times, and her willingness to do whatever it takes to ensure their survival. 

They'll also likely have a chuckle at the many related #parenting memes that have flooded onto social media since Bird Box made its debut in late December: 

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Kids are scarier than "the creatures" - there, we said it.

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