Ciara's Red Table Talk on love, marriage and fighting for herself

05 June 2019 - 06:58 By Cebelihle Bhengu
Ciara spoke about her break up with Future, moving on and love.
Ciara spoke about her break up with Future, moving on and love.
Image: Via Instagram

Musician Ciara gave the people what they have always asked for through her interview on Red Table Talk, opening up about motherhood and family and detailing how prayer helped her.

Re-inventing herself

Ciara, who called off her engagement with ex-fiance Future, admitted that she wasn't happy in her relationship and wanted a "different kind of love". She spoke about moments where she would cry whenever she thought about the path her life was taking, especially as a single mother. 

"Being a single mom was that for me. I would cry in the bedroom, in the shower. I was crying because I was not in the happiest place." Ciara said she had always known that she wanted to get married, have her son, Future, being raised by both parents in a loving environment. 

There was no hope

Ciara said as a single mother, she feared having her life wasted due to being unhappy and not having the things she wanted. She said although she did not have a clear picture of what she wanted at the the time, she understood what she didn't want and attributed her ability to move on to that. 

On Russell Wilson

"When Russel came into my life and my son's, Future was 10 months old. I had never felt that way ever in my life. Everything was different. It was calm." This is how Ciara said she knew her husband Russell was the one.

She also said she was attracted to how loving he was of her son. "The energy with my son just felt right and he was and still is consistent. Whenever he would think about me, he would think about my son."

More babies

If her husband had his way, the couple would have five more babies to make. "I look forward to having another baby," said Ciara, who also spoke highly of motherhood and her two kids. Unlike her husband, she is open to having just two more. 

"I love my kids and I love being a mom. My family is my life and I feel like I am doing something because of them."

The husband prayer

Ciara's fans always take to social media to ask that she hooks them up with that "husband" prayer, a question which she laughed off when it came up in the interview. While she did not dismiss the importance of it, Ciara attributed her and her husband's marriage to being specific and clear about what you want in love and in life.

"Be very specific and clear about what it is you want in life, to a point where you can actually taste it, feel it your bones and body."