McDonald's, Mall of Africa & a date gone wrong: Mzansi steps in to give advice

21 June 2019 - 07:09 By Jessica Levitt
Date vibes at McDonald's?
Date vibes at McDonald's?
Image: Vitali

So, you want to impress a girl and suddenly it goes wrong. Whaddya do? Screengrab the convo and put it onto Twitter, of course.

A Twitter user whose handle is @Lil_Muzee not only found himself on the South African trends list, but after his date gone wrong, his venue and location became hot topics on Twitter.

It all started when the guy took to Twitter streets to 'out' a girl for allegedly insisting that their first date venue change from Birch Acres Mall to Mall of Africa because her make-up was "melting".

He included screengrabs of their conversation post the date, where the girl schooled him on not only taking her to McDonalds for dins but also not paying.

"I'm not going to date someone that can only afford McDonalds. I don't do that," read one of her replies.

He replies and asks her whether he should be fake, only to apologise the next day and then later ask if she was angry that he took her to the fast-food chain.

While the guy might have thought that he would get sympathy, Twitter users took it upon themselves to school him. Here's a snapshot of the reactions.

P.S Here's our review of the new McDonald's chili cheese fries. Maybe RocoMamas woulda been a better option. #Justasuggestion.

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