3 free safety apps that'll help your loved ones find you in an emergency

04 September 2019 - 14:38 By Tswelopele Maputla
With the right app, help is just a tap away.
With the right app, help is just a tap away.
Image: 123RF/ Ivan Kruk

Recent headlines have been dominated by the names of local women who've tragically lost their lives after being reported missing, sparking anger and outrage in society. It's also sparked a sense of anxiety with many women asking #AmINext on social media.

In this climate, it's understandable for you to want to keep a closer eye on your loved ones' whereabouts, and for them to want to do the same.

Here are three FREE safety apps that can help, some of which can also be used to call for assistance if an emergency arises. 


Often called “the Uber of emergencies”, this South African app lets you request emergency assistance using your phone’s GPS location. If you ask for help, a Namola operator will call you back to confirm the details and dispatch aid from nearby police stations, security services or other emergency officials.

You can add up to five people as emergency contacts who will be alerted if you request emergency services on the app. These contacts are also kept in the loop about your current location, and can call a Namola operator to find out the nature of the emergency.


Find my Friends is a location-sharing app that lets you locate your loved ones. Each “friend” has their own personal icon on the app’s map, so you’ll know their location in real time.

One of its features lets friends issue an alert to each other if they need help. Attached to the alert are details such as the person’s address, the time and their phone’s battery life.


Glympse lets you temporarily share your real-time location with family, friends and even emergency services via an icon dropped on a map.

You can set up groups for specific occasions, such as a social gathering, and request an update from anyone you might be concerned about who is running late.

A bonus is that you can share your location with someone without them having to have downloaded the app.

All apps are available free on iOS and Android devices.