Raising the steaks: New Cape Town eatery crowned SA's best steakhouse

26 July 2017 - 10:58 By Yolisa Mkele
Any cut of beef with a great marbling [the intramuscular fat which makes the meat more juicy and tender] makes for a great steak.
Any cut of beef with a great marbling [the intramuscular fat which makes the meat more juicy and tender] makes for a great steak.
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Mirror mirror on the wall, who serves the best dead cow of them all? Presumably this is the ritual anyone who takes their steaks seriously goes through before leaving the house to pay for a tasty slab of beef.

If you live anywhere near Kenilworth in Cape Town then you'll be delighted to know that the answer is in your neighbourhood.

According to an esteemed panel of meat experts, with help from the would-be carnivorous public, Rare Grill is the best in the country to get a steak.

The 30-seater steakhouse walked away with top honours at this year's Wolftrap Steakhouse Championships including the overall Championship prize as well as Best Newcomer.

"For an intimate steakhouse like Rare Grill, such an accolade is going to put us on the map," said Rare Grill owner Greg Bax.

10 of SA's best steakhouses

1. Rare Grill, Kenilworth, Cape Town
2. Little Havana, Umhlanga Rocks (2015 champion)
3. The Local Grill, Parktown North, Joburg (2013, 2014 and 2016 champion)
4. The Godfather, Centurion, Pretoria
5. The Cricketer, East London
6. Beef Boys Grill, Potchefstroom
7. HQ, Cape Town
8. Karoo Cattle and Land, Irene, Pretoria
9. Jayz Grill, Pietermaritzburg
10. The Grumpy Griller, George

(Determined by public vote.)

Rare Grill bested more than 150 other participants from across the country including Johannesburg's perennial winner The Local Grill, which came in second, and last year's winner Little Havana of Umhlanga which bagged a bronze for their efforts this year.

"Rare Grill is a gem, an owner-operated steakhouse where Greg mans the grill and takes immense pride in the quality of his beef," said championships judge Peter Geoff-Wood.

Deciding who makes the best steak was not as easy as simply chewing through a medium rare hunk of meat. The process began in May with members of the public voting for their favourite steakhouse.

From there, the judges made unannounced visits to the top 10 most popular venues and put them through the mincer, so to speak.

This is the first time Cape Town has produced a championship winner since the competition began five years ago.

Find out if Rare Grill lives up to the hype. Call them on 076-460-0423 and make a reservation.

This article was originally published in The Times.