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Will you still get your booze delivery if you ordered online before the ban?

Our food expert answers your queries

15 July 2020 - 14:37
South Africa's booze ban was put back into effect on July 12 2020.
South Africa's booze ban was put back into effect on July 12 2020.
Image: 123RF/svl861


I placed an online order for wine and paid for it last week, just days before the president’s announcement on Sunday about the renewed ban on the sale of booze. I was wondering, hoping really, whether I will still get my wine. Please help. — Wineless, Port Elizabeth


I turned to TimesLIVE's expert consumer journalist, Wendy Knowler, for her advice. Unfortunately, the answer is not the one you were hoping for. Knowler said  the order cannot legally be fulfilled as both the sale and distribution of alcohol have been suspended. 

You can either accept a refund (you don’t have to accept a credit) or hold out until the company is legally allowed to deliver your wine. As there's no clarification on how long the booze ban will be in place, I'd recommend you insist on a credit as you are legally entitled to one.


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