Mandisa Nduna breaks down All These Thoughts for us & it's deep

The actress finally dropped her well-anticipated single and it's a mirror into her soul.

29 March 2018 - 08:16 By Chrizelda Kekana
Mandisa Nduna has released her song All These Thoughts as Nduna Royal.
Mandisa Nduna has released her song All These Thoughts as Nduna Royal.
Image: Via Instagram

Sexuality, heaven vs. hell, pleasing people and fighting to keep your sanity in the process - these are all the things Mandisa Nduna opens up about as Nduna Royal on her new rap track.

Mandisa is popularly known for her acting skills and ability to transform herself into any character. However, she told TshisaLIVE that she couldn't give her fans anything other than the truth about herself in her first musical offering.

"Because I'm an actress, the only way people get exposed to the real you is on social media and half the time that's just half of the picture. So I thought what better way would to introduce myself to my supporters in my own music: offer myself and my thoughts in my own words."

Mandisa said that she means business when she says there's no topic off limits.

"Rapping about my sexuality wasn't a conscious decision, it just happens to be a part of my life. I have those experiences and I happen to have them with women. I am not gonna hide or, like, display it, but if it comes through it’s because it is a part of my life and naturally it will show.

"I am not in the closet and or afraid of being who I am and that will definitely reflect in the music."

In the song, she tackles thoughts she says have kept her up late at night and issues she's always ranting about on Twitter.

"The music is my chance to let people in and really give of myself: into my journey, my head and my heart. This is me as a feminist, as an activist for human rights, for women rights and the LGBTQ community, without sounding too 'preachy'."

The actress-turned-musician explained that although people can happily buy the song, she was offering a free download link.

She said she wanted as many people as possible to hear the song and that just releasing the song meant a lot for her because she had tried so many times before and failed.

While Nduna Royal has more up her sleeve, she's said a lot more will be revealed as time goes with regards to her life, career and love. All in song.

For now, while the song is available for download and streaming, there is also a link on which you can get it for free.

We'll be waiting!