3 celebs whose pregnancies caught Mzansi off-guard!

But were celebrated by err'body

10 April 2020 - 16:00 By Chrizelda Kekana
Cici's pregnancy left Mzansi both shook and ecstatic on her behalf when she announced it.
Cici's pregnancy left Mzansi both shook and ecstatic on her behalf when she announced it.
Image: Instagram/Cici

No matter how stressful 2020 is proving to be, there's always a bright side to everything, and for Mzansi it's being pleasantly surprised with baby news from their fave celebs. 

When these three celebrities revealed that they were expecting ... their army of fans were ready to host baby showers out of sheer joy.

Zola Nombona, Gabisile Tshabalala and singer Cici are mothers-to-be and Mzansi is excited with them.

SA was chilling and minding its own business, when jiki jiki there was chaos on the social media streets. This after the spirit of all things love and Valentine's Day saw loved actress Zola Nombona reveal that she's expecting her first bundle of joy!

Though Zola wasn't generous with the details of her pregnancy, or the sex of her baby, she expressed the miracle of being with child through one of the most heartfelt love letters we've ever read.

Since then she's had one of the most beautiful, intimate baby showers ever!

Just as we were recovering from all the heart emojis and “ncaws” we showered Zola with, actress Gabisile Tshabalala announced that she was expecting her second baby.

The actress did so with the coolest and most meaningful campaign titled #SoWhatImPregnant. She explained why she chose that route instead of the typical (albeit beautiful) pregnancy announcement.

The actress told TshisaLIVE she wanted to use her pregnancy, her personal story and her influence to ignite a much-needed conversation around the treatment of pregnant women in the workplace.

“This time was very different from the first time. I think I grew some courage over the years and I was just like, ‘yes, I love my job and I would love to keep my job but if my pregnancy is an issue, I will be fine without this job'. Luckily, it was easier to talk to my bosses. I’ve been in the industry for 11 years so I can compare the treatment,” she said.

There was absolutely no dry eye on the social media streets when they learnt that Cici was pregnant. Her pregnancy news left the whole internet losing their minds, not only because they had no idea she had found love again but because she had shared in the past how she was told that she may never be a mother.

Talking to TshisaLIVE last year, Cici expressed her desire to find love and start a family.

“I still believe in love. I’m a sucker for love and I can’t and won’t allow one thing to hinder me from finding my one true love. I want to perhaps start a family in the next few years ... I want to be happily married. But I need to go through this process and find who I am, so that I go into my next relationship a whole individual,” she said.

And now she's gonna have a mini human being to call her own! Look at God!

Mzansi absolutely can't wait to have this trio join the list of beautiful, cool, yummy mommies that already includes the likes of Linda Mtoba, Bontle Moloi and LootLove!