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PODCAST | Gone without a trace: where is Eugeine 'Zane' Nel?

11 September 2020 - 11:40 By Nicole Engelbrecht
The poster detailing the disappearance of Eugeine 'Zane' Nel.
The poster detailing the disappearance of Eugeine 'Zane' Nel.
Image: Supplied

On March 2 2016, Eugeine “Zane” Nel woke up with a migraine. He told his girlfriend  he wouldn’t be going to work that day. The last time she saw him, he was asleep in his bed. That afternoon a mystery would begin that continues until this day. A mysterious letter, a one-way flight and an expected deposit of money would be the only clues when he disappeared without a trace. With  police convinced he had gone off to start a new life, despite significant evidence to the contrary, Zane’s sister has become his champion.

In Episode 38 of True Crime South Africa, we discuss the baffling disappearance of Eugeine Zane Nel, and uncover the evidence that could lead to resolution in this case.


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