'They can ask Zweli Mkhize': South Africans won't part with their cash to help ANC with its money woes

01 September 2021 - 10:30
The ANC has failed to pay its employees their salaries on time for three consecutive months.
The ANC has failed to pay its employees their salaries on time for three consecutive months.
Image: Stephanie de Sakutin

If these poll results are anything to go by, those who do not “benefit” from the ANC will not be making a donation to the party's crowdfunding efforts.

The ANC recently launched a crowdfunding initiative to raise funds for the party.

Its money woes have led to it failing to pay employees their salaries on time for three consecutive months.

The party said the crowdfunding was aimed at mobilising members and supporters to participate in funding ANC programmes and activities. 

“The ANC crowdfunding came into effect on 12 August, 2021, to encourage ANC members and supporters to make a contribution into a centralised and single account. We are hopeful that the plan will generate interest in the sustenance of the organisation,” said the party.

It said it would abide by the Political Party Fund Act, which requires a declaration of all donations of R100,000 and above, adding that it would declare the donations to the Electoral Commission of SA (IEC). 

However, 83% of those who took part in a poll by TimesLIVE on Tuesday said the ANC must get help from those who benefit from it, while 10% said ANC leader Cyril Ramaphosa should be the one to pay the salaries since he is a millionaire. 

Eight percent said they were willing to lend a helping hand.

On social media, many users said they were not willing to part with their cash to help the ruling party.

“Not a chance, we pay taxes, vat, rates and get nothing in return. Our little town has no maintenance, services and the municipality is broke. All the money pilfered and squandered ... the cheek of even asking for donations!” exclaimed Anne Cordingley.

“They can ask Zizi Kodwa to sell the Jeep, Nomvula Mokonyane to sell the Aston Martin, and Zweli Mkhize the Land Cruiser. The list is endless, they have pillaged since 1994,” said Stix Thupane.

“We can donate once, but not every month,” said Brandon Swarts. “The ANC cannot depend on donations from struggling people to pay their salaries month-to-month. We can donate one time, but we won't.”

“Ramaphosa has companies that generate billions of rand, same goes to ministers. So if they care so much for the ANC they should donate for their organisation,” said Navy-k Yika.

Ntsikelelo Ciko said, “I think there are enough rich ANC members in the national executive who can donate to sort this mess without asking poor people who can't even afford to pay their membership subscriptions because they are earning nothing.”