Amabookabooka: The Quarantine Chronicles - Melinda Ferguson

08 April 2020 - 15:46 By amabookabooka
Memoirist and publisher extraordinaire Melinda Ferguson.
Memoirist and publisher extraordinaire Melinda Ferguson.
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Amabookabooka, the literary podcast produced by Jonathan Ancer and Dan Dewes, travels into the heart of the lockdown to bring you quick and quirky interviews with SA's finest authors via everyone's favourite isolation mode of communication, Zoom.

In Just Seven Days Frank-N-Furter can make you a man. Well, that’s nothing because in just seven days Melinda Ferguson can make you a MAN… uscript.

Melinda is a best-selling author, a prized publisher and an unstoppable force. A few days ago she published Lockdown: The Corona Chronicles.

Written by 17 authors, in seven days and published in 10 … it’s surely the fastest book from concept to publication. Each chapter is a story of life in lockdown and they range from whimsical to wry to profound to inspiring to heart-breaking to hysterical. She explains how she pulled off this publishing coup.