Save water: turn your toilet into a basin & get a shower 'traffic light'

Here are three strange – albeit effective – gadgets you can use to keep water wastage to a minimum and do your bit to defer Day Zero

08 February 2018 - 00:00 By Paula Andropoulos
Let your toilet do double duty as a basin by installing a Sink Twice unit to your cistern.
Let your toilet do double duty as a basin by installing a Sink Twice unit to your cistern.
Image: Sink Twice/Facebook


The Sink Twice is a comical-looking invention with a surprisingly practical application.

It’s a basin that can easily be fitted to the top of your toilet tank which diverts clean water from the mains to the built-in tap; the soapy water with which you washed your hands then flows into the cistern itself, for flushing.

It is a little evocative of aeroplane-bathroom décor; but it’s a decidedly innovative approach to recycling.

Visit Sink Twice's Facebook page to enquire about local stockists.


Dry Planet’s Save-a-Flush (R162 from looks like a supersized sachet of Rehydrate – ironically.

In fact, it’s a slim bag containing biodegradable polymers. You stick it into your toilet cistern, and the polymers absorb water, which makes the bag swell and expand in size.

This may sound useless, but in effect, the swollen bag takes up space in the tank, which would otherwise fill up with water every time you flush and deplete the reserves.

The Boa Water Pebble.
The Boa Water Pebble.
Image: Boa Style/Facebook


If you’re having a hard time abbreviating your showers, consider investing in a water pebble (R225 from Faithful to Nature).

This small, water-activated device monitors your water usage and keeps you within the limits of your shower-time using a green, orange, red light system. It’s like having a little traffic light for your shower.