Hair damaged or over-dyed? Here's how to rescue your tresses

Simple tips to protect and repair your luscious locks from the damage caused by heat, chemicals and the elements

21 March 2021 - 00:00 By and nokubonga thusi
Chlorine, heat and UV rays can damage your hair. Use these tips to restore your luscious locks.
Chlorine, heat and UV rays can damage your hair. Use these tips to restore your luscious locks.
Image: 123RF/franz12

Between the sun, salt and chlorine, pool and beach days can take their toll on your hair. As can the heat and chemicals from the tools and products you use to style it.

So before putting your tresses through another round of experiments, consider its condition and use these tips to restore and repair any damage:


• Soak hair in fresh water before swimming. Hair can only absorb a certain amount of water, so if it’s saturated with fresh water it won’t absorb as much chlorine or sea water, minimising damage.

• Apply a leave-in conditioner regularly. Store a spray formula in your beach bag to keep hair soft and moist. This will also make it difficult for sea water to penetrate the hair shaft.

• Shower immediately after swimming to avoid chlorine induced damage. Use a gentle shampoo that cleanses without stripping moisture.

• Apply a deep conditioner regularly to restore moisture levels after exposure to sea water and chlorine.

• Use blonde-specific hair-care products if you’re blonde. A violet shampoo and conditioner combo will brighten blonde colour, remove yellow brassy tones, and prevent “chlorine green”.


• Consult a professional. Hair salons are open, so pop in for an treatment for your specific hair needs.

• Consider the big chop. Sometimes heat and chemical damage is not reversible and a professional trim of damaged ends may be the best thing you can do for your hair.

• Regulate the heat used on your hair by reducing the setting on your styling tools to the recommended 185°C. Always use a protectant before applying heat.

• Don't neglect your hair repair products. Make sure to follow up with the corresponding home care range to make the most of your in-salon treatment.

• Reduce the frequency of heat styling by alternating with heatless styling such as sock curls. This will help reduce damage to your hair.


•  The sun's UV rays break down proteins in the hair, making it brittle and dry. Too much sun will also fade your hair colour. Use a hair SPF shield that will act as a sunscreen for your locks. This will help protect your hair from the damaging effects of UV exposure.

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