We've had great reviews, says Maps Maponyane about his new burger joint

03 October 2019 - 13:52 By sanet oberholzer
Maps Maponyane has opened a restaurant in Linden, Johannesburg.
Maps Maponyane has opened a restaurant in Linden, Johannesburg.
Image: John Liebenberg/Sunday Times

While Mzansi’s celebrities were making headlines at the weekend with flashy weddings, actor Maps Maponyane shared exciting news: he has opened a burger restaurant in Linden, Johannesburg.

Maponyane took to Instagram to make the announcement, telling his followers he is realising a dream by opening Buns Out.

“We've put a lot into giving the best possible product and we opened this weekend. The reviews have been great already and we're only going to get better,” the local star wrote on Instagram.

Maponyane recently gave fans a glimpse into his trendy new bachelor pad, calling the renovation a “passion project”.

In keeping with his newfound love of renovation, he shared two videos of his restaurant, one taken a week before it opened and the other on the first day of opening, revealing how his team managed to flip the space in a matter of days.

A proud Maponyane could be seen posing next to his mother, Sylvia Maponyane, in another post. He calls her his “toughest critic”, revealing that she gave the joint her stamp of approval. “Now I know we're destined for success,” he wrote. “Thanks Mom. Also, please come back?”