Would you have sex with a stranger for lots of cash? Here's what SA had to say

13 December 2019 - 00:00 By Staff reporter
If a stranger approached you to have sex for money, would you?
If a stranger approached you to have sex for money, would you?
Image: 123RF/Allan Swart

Do you remember Indecent Proposal — that '90s movie in which a stranger offers a married couple a whopping $1m to spend a night with the wife? Well, as part of the 2019 Sunday Times Lifestyle Sex Survey, we put a similar proposition to our readers.

We asked, “If a stranger approached you to have sex for a huge amount of money, how much money would you accept?”

Here's what some of the over 4,000 South Africans who took this year's survey had to say:

• “I wouldn't do it for any amount of money” — Female

• “I would do it for free if she's hot” — Male

• “Probably, I'd start at R10k if he was hot. Higher, if not” — Female

• “Depends massively on the stranger, but around R50k.” — Male

• “I wouldn't have sex with a stranger. To me, sex is not just sex. It's about showing your love for and sharing a deep connection with your partner.” — Female

• “None. I don’t sell my body.” — Male

• “Millions, I'm that good ..." — Female

• “Enough money to cover all my debts.” — Male

• “No amount would be enough. I'm financially secure and don't think I'd be willing to risk my mental health due to the shame I would feel.” — Female

• “Depends on the stranger, but R1m minimum.” — Male

• “I would only do it on condition that we use condoms. Maybe R40k.” — Female

• “It depends on the amount of money. If it's like six figures, then yes. I won't pretend that I wouldn't, I need the money.” — Female

• “Anything above R5k will do.” — Male

• “Yes I would, it's just sex no big deal.” — Female

• “I would accept anything from R2k upwards.” — Male

• “R500k at least.” — Female

• “First I'd have to discuss it with my wife.” — Male

• “R5k upwards.” — Female

• “Depends who they are, anything from R10k to R100k.” — Male

• “My body is not for sale.” — Female

• “It would be ruining my relationship. If I was single probably R20k.” — Male

• “Anything above R30k.” — Female

• “I will not have sex for 1) money 2) with a stranger.” — Male

The 2019 Sunday Times Lifestyle Sex Survey was run in conjunction with Ratepop. Answers have been edited for clarity.