Irish novelist Colum McCann to host virtual 'book club event'

27 March 2020 - 09:26 By Mila de Villiers

Acclaimed Irish novelist Colum McCann is “so happy to say hello to you in these crazy times”. 

Via his Facebook page that is, for crazy times these are ...

Covid-19-related quarantine/isolation/lockdown hasn't been kind to the book industry, but authors are ensuring that bibliophiles can continue to satiate their literary appetites (thank you, digital sphere!). 

McCann intends to host a virtual “sort of book club event” and invites fans to send him questions pertaining to his work in the comment section of his videos.

In his first live video he discusses his most recent novel, Apereigon (published locally by Jonathan Ball), with round two due to take place on Friday at 11pm.

Set your alarms, burn the midnight oil, and continue to put the 'lit' in 'literary'.

'Till eleven!